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The Way of Righteousness: Appendix B

Wolof Proverbs

Storytelling is an important part of Wolof culture and tradition. The Wolofs use proverbs {"léebu"} to give a moral lesson to the story and to make it memorable. Some like to quote proverbs in everyday conversation and circumstances. In The Way of Righteousness we have used sixteen Wolof proverbs to illustrate and apply God's Eternal Truth. We have listed the proverbs below with their approximate English translation. The numbers in parentheses show the lessons in which the proverb has been used. The phrase in brackets gives the main Scriptural truth the proverb illustrates. The proverbs are listed according to their frequency of use in the lessons.

1. "Musiba du yem ci boppu boroom."

"An epidemic is not confined to the one from whom it originates." (#7, 9, 13, 28, 86, 89, 91, 94)

[Adam's sin with its consequences has spread to all his descendants. See Romans 5:12]

2. "Nen du bëre ak doj!"

"An egg should not wrestle with a rock!" (#1, 3, 12, 16, 32, 33, 60)

[Man cannot oppose the Word of God and win. 2 Peter 3:16]

3. "Dëgg, kaani la."

"Truth is a hot pepper." (#3, 9, 68, 80, Appendix D)

[God's Truth is not always easy to accept nor is it appreciated by all. Romans 3:23]

4. "Lu bant yàgg-yàgg ci ndox, du tax mu soppaliku mukk jasig."

"Even if a log soaks a long time in water, it will never become a crocodile." (Preface, #67, 72, 90)

[Man's religious rituals will never make him righteous. John 3:6,7]

5. "Ku bëgg lem, ñeme yamb."

"Whoever wants honey must brave the bees." (#23, 45, 73, Appendix D)

[Whoever follows God's Way of Righteousness must be prepared to be misunderstood by family and friends. Hebrews 11:24-27]

6. "Bala nga koy xam, xamadi dina la rey!"

"Before you know it, ignorance will kill you!" (#50, 51, 74, 90)

[Ignorance concerning God's Way of salvation is deadly! Hebrews 2:3]

7. "Janax du jur lu dul luy gas."

"A rat only begets that which digs." (#8, 16, 61, 94)

[We are born sinners. Psalm 51:5]

8. "Kéwél du tëb doom ja bëtt."

"The leaping gazelle does not produce burrowing offspring." (#7, 12, 91)

[We have inherited the sinful nature of our forefather Adam. Ephesians 2:1-3]

9. "Ku yaag ci teen, baag fekk la fa."

"A water pail will find the person who waits diligently at the well." (#1, 9)

[God rewards those who diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6]

10. "Ndànk-ndànk, mooy jàpp golo ci Ñaay."

"Slowly, slowly one catches a monkey in the forest." (#1)

[Be patient. Don't expect to grasp all of God's truth in one lesson. Isaiah 28:10]

11. "Sa xaritu noon, sa noon la."

"Your friend's enemy is your enemy." (#8)

[When Adam and Eve sided with the devil they forfeited their relationship with God. James 4:4-8]

12. "Nag wéq na doomam, waaye bañu ko."

"The cow kicks its calf but does not hate it." (#11)

[God deals severely with people so that they might repent and follow His way of righteousness. 2 Peter 3:9]

13. "Fukki nit gas pax mu xoot, fukki nit suul ko, pënd mi bare na, waaye pax amul."

"Ten men dig a deep hole, ten men fill it--there is plenty of dust, but no hole." (#53)

[Religious rituals-no matter how zealously performed-do not produce the righteousness required by God. Romans 10:1-4]

14. "Bala ngay fél gémmiñu sàmm, nga xam lu mu walis."

"Before you slap the shepherd on the mouth, you should find out what he is whistling about." (#61)

[Before you criticize and condemn the teachings of the Bible, you should learn their meaning. Jude 10]

15. "Garab gay doon pénc, lawbe du ko gis ba di ko gor."

"The woodcutter does not cut down the main tree in the village (under which folks meet)." (#68)

[Jesus the Messiah is God's "main tree." How foolish and evil of men to scorn or ignore the One whom God has appointed as the Savior and Judge of the world! Acts 4:10-12]

16. "Tungune du teew ñuy nataal."

"No need to draw a picture of a dwarf (to depict what one is like), if one is standing before you." (#89)

[There is no need to waste your energy on symbolic animal sacrifices when the Perfect and Final Sacrifice has been provided for you by God! Hebrews 10:1-25]